Believe in wonderful things that do not exist

Believe in wonderful things that do not exist
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Believe in wonderful things that do not exist.

It's really the only way you can make them come true.

It's up to you what these things are and will be ...
whether it's your health or your money ..
or whether it's a million trees all around

or world peace or magic rings being free and for everybody.
Whether it's seeing angels or hearing cats talk,
to have flying cars or magical wisdom candy ..

There's no other way to get these things here
other than the wings of your faith, your decision, your thoughts, your dreams ...

Should I prove it?
To write about those who believed that a man could fly in a machine ...
and did not back down from that dream and faith even after failing again to the laughter of the onlookers?

I would love to show them an airport... I remember these people every time I'm flying...
And I always realize they now can see it and they love it and admire it.. )

I don't have to prove that 

I remember my parents always ordering me to turn off the light in my room...
which meant I had to stop reading.

As I lay in the dark I knew, I knew .. that once ..
one day my book will glow in the dark and that this light would not disturb anyone.

I went so far that I dreamed of a text that changes and moves on its own ..
and that I could think of anything I wanted to read and it would appear itself ...

In the year 85 things like this were considered crazy, I didn't even tell my friend about it.
I was ashamed of my thoughts.

In the year 20 I have this ability to read in the dark right here in my hand in the evening
and anytime I need it.

Now I'm not afraid nor ashamed to talk about the other things I know .. 

I also believed that one day I would be able to take pictures and being able to see the photo without it being printed out on a piece of paper...

And that I would be able to shoot maybe ten of them and I would even be able to retouch them...
At that time I believed that one day I could erase anything there was the photo that I didn't like. Yes, I could dream so high.. Up to the level of erasing an ugly trashcan under a cherry blossom tree..! 

But now I'm not talking about technology... We can already do that.

Now it's time to dream about things that are not connected to factories and engineering.

About what only comes from people's hearts.

People who believe and know that everything will become more and more beautiful and easier.

And that we are finally getting into it.

Have a nice day,
Jana Marie

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